Nurture your Body with some Locally Grown Farmers Market Produce

2017 is a year of fresh starts and new beginnings… or so you thought. September has shown its smiling face, and you feel as though you’ve let the entire year go by. You were going to be healthy, active, eat locally and consciously. Work and family have gotten in the way, and all of a sudden it seems as though you will have to wait for January to come again to find that deep hidden motivation.

The gym is a drag, but what if you could ditch the pathetic attempts at fitness and focus on what you’re putting into your body? What if the year could start over again in September? It is true that a school year kicks off when the leaves start changing, and the seasons decide to start over their cycle once more. This could be your chance to start anew without the new year!

Change your outlook with nature and enjoy all the amazing fruits and veggies found at the Farmers Market in Lebanon! Happening on Thursdays at 4 p.m. starting September 7th and going through the entire month, head over to Colburn Park (51 North Park St., Lebanon, NH) to discover the variety of locally grown and sold produce, as well as plants that will inspire you to start your own at-home garden! Baked goods and homemade crafts are there to bring you a little warmth as the weather gets colder.

The market opens at 4:00 p.m. and runs until 7:00 p.m., making it the perfect pit stop on your daily commute home, or a nice after school activity to take the kids. Children will be captivated by the rows of color, and will be begging to stay just a bit longer to pick out their own homemade chachski. Kids not on your mind? Pick something out to spice up that old corner of the living room you’ve been meaning to give some love. Nurture your body as well as your home with all different types of goods.

If you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of your every day, come out and listen to the Farmers’ Market Entertainment to end your day off right. This week preforming is Dave Clark, followed up by Michael Cressey on September 14th, The Aldrich Brothers on September 21st, and Steve Spensley to end of it off right on September 28th.

Start off your mid-year new-year off right by filling your fridge and pantry with the right kinds of foods while giving back to your community. Find out more details here.