A Final Dosage of Outdoor Fun

As the weather cools down and the beautiful New England leaves start to change into the hues of orange, red, and yellow that we all love to gaze at, the thought of winter can sometimes be a bit daunting. After a summer full of sun, sand and water, thinking about spending the next few months trapped indoors might not be the happiest way to start your mornings. That being said, there is still time to venture outdoors and discover a new passion to look forward to next year – L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools are here to show anyone how to successfully create a day full of adventure and fresh air through the wide variety of programs offered.

Before the weather gets too cold, make sure to check out a biking course before it’s too late! L.L. Bean is offering courses ranging from an introduction course to a one-night marine bike and kayak tour. Think you might not make it through a whole course of exercise, wind down and spend time outdoors with any of their Outdoor Photography courses, or even a Bird Watching tour.

If you are finding that the back to school season is taking a big toll on your motivation to do anything other than get the day over with before getting back into bed, have no fear, there are courses just for the kids as well: whether they be interested in a summer camp trip or a Holiday special camp, the kids are guaranteed to like it almost as much as you will enjoy your free time. Not much for lazing around? The winter months bring more and unusual activities for you to check out as well. In the beautiful snowy flats and summits of New Hampshire, enjoy a Snowshoeing course, no matter your skill level. L.L. Bean is offering beginners courses all the way through a Full-Moon Snowshoeing tour.

During the warmer months, a few things to keep in mind might be their Kayaking trips, ranging from Teens classes, Women’s only nights, Two-Night kayaking camping trips, or a Guided Kayak Fishing Trip. If you would rather stand while you paddle, check out the Stand-Up Paddle Boarding classes, offering almost anything from Night Glow Yoga, private lessons, or a Discovery tour – all while standing on a paddle board! They even have SUP with Your Pup courses, perfect for our furry friend loving Timberwood Commons residents.

Whether you are looking to get back into shape, maintain that summer body all the way through the holidays, or bored and ready for something new, check out all of the ways you can get involved with L.L. Bean on their website here. While you’re there, try not to scoop up all of their amazing products as well – we know we want to!